Exploration Drilling

Mannion Drilling PTY LTD

We offer innovative, cost effective programs for all commodities across the Australian mining industry. All of our drilling crews are competent operators with outstanding safety records. We offer a wide range of surface drilling tools with our rigs capable of drilling in different depths and ground conditions.

Our rigs are well maintained, multi-purposed and capable of carrying out a wide range of exploration drilling activities. We understand the challenges and risks associated with these areas of work by completing jobs in remote regions across Australia.

professional and expert drilling services in  NSW And Southern QLD

With a large fleet and team of experienced operators, we have been supplying expert exploration services to all of our clients since 2005.

We can assist in providing specialized exploration drilling services to meet any of your project requirements, from short term specialized projects through to a one stop drilling service provider for your business.

We have bases in Gunnedah and Mudgee, and are perfectly located to support our onsite operations and deliver the drilling services and equipment you require.

Our team specialise in:
  • Diamond Coring – Specialising in HQ3 coal exploration we can achieve production and recovery targets with extensive local drilling knowledge of ground conditions and the methods and equipment needed to achieve the outcomes needed.
  • Open Hole Drilling – Extensive experience completing open hole drilling programs from LOX drilling to deep hole exploration holes. With an extensive compressor and mud pump support equipment fleet we can deliver the production required to complete programs quickly and safely.
  • Large Diameter Coring – We posses a full complement of Large Diameter coring barrels and consumables to deliver this unique drilling requirement. With a custom built Large Diameter Core Bench to facilitate the safe and efficient handling of the core barrel and sample. We have the equipment and knowledge to meet any large diameter coring program.